Mosa Hadi Tawhari


  • Treating all types of urinary stones
  • Treatment of prostate diseases
  • Treating urinary tract infections
  • Detection and diagnosis of urinary system problems in children and adults
Abdulrhman mostafa mahmoud mohamed

1) bachelor's degree of surgery and medicine - Cairo University - June 2014 2)Houseoffice in Hurghada General Hospital from 9/2014 to 8/2015 3)Genaeral Practioner in Elqusier health office from 9/2015 to2/2017 4)Urology Resident in Nasser insititute for treatment and research from 2/2017 to 11/2020 5) Master degree(Msc) of Urology from Ain Shams University in 11/2019 6)Urology Specilaist in nasser institue ferom 7/2021 to 2/2022 6)1st year training of egyptian fellowship of urology in hurghada general hospital from 11/2020 to 2/2022 WORK EXPERIENCEIn chronological order 1) Clinical Examination and diagnosis in general urology 2)Ultrasound in urology 3)Dependable in Endoscopic Procedures in Urology ( URS ,PCNL,TURBT, TURPT,Others) 4)Dependable Urological Surge ries ( Circumcsion, distal hypospadieus repaie, Orchipexy, cystolithotomy, uretrolithotomy, pylolithotomy,varicocele. hydrocele ,pyloplasty) 5)under observation in Oncosurgery (Radical Nephrocetomy,radical cystectomy) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION e.g. - List of Publications - Conferences - Honors & awards - Memberships Note: Do not list personal references or complete articles membership of egyptian assosciation of urology under publication "ERAS protocoles in perioperative management of radical cystectomy,