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What are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency?

Pain in the bones and muscles, feeling tired and exhausted, depression, anxiety, slow wound healing, osteoporosis, hair loss and weak immunity.

What are the symptoms of iron deficiency?

  • Symptoms of iron deficiency
  • Symptoms that appear due to lack of iron stores in a person vary according to the degree of deficiency, and the deficiency is classified into 3 degrees as follows:
    • slight deficiency.
    • average deficiency.
    • severe deficiency.

People who develop a mild to moderate deficiency have no symptoms, unlike severe deficiency, which causes anemia. Symptoms of iron deficiency not associated with anemia Here are the most important symptoms that you may feel if the level of iron stores is low, but without causing anemia:

  • lethargy and fatigue;
  • Decreased labor productivity.
  • difficulty concentrating Difficulty remembering things.
  • Skin and nail problems hair loss;
  • Difficulty in wound healing.
  • Increased desire to eat certain foods.

Heart failure, whose symptoms appear as follows: chest pain, leg pain, and ringing in the ears.

Symptoms of iron deficiency associated with anemia This type occurs due to the body’s inability to produce an adequate amount of hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood, and this causes a lack of iron stores associated with anemia.

  • lethargy and fatigue
  • Frequent vertigo.
  • Feeling a slight headache.
  • Pale skin.
  • An increase in the number of heartbeats.
  • Cold extremities. Cracks appear on the edges of the mouth.
  • Swelling and inflammation of the tongue.
  • Pain in the chest area. Loss of appetite, which occurs especially in older children and infants.
  • The patient feels more temperature changes.
  • shortness of breath.
  • Difficulty in concentrating.

Here are the main symptoms that you will have, such as:

Failure to sew an open wound does not cause a scar

On the contrary, a deep wound if it is not sutured and sterilized causes bad scars.

Causes of headaches

Headaches are a symptom and not a disease.. The wrong lifestyle can cause headaches.. There are some diseases, even high temperature and poor eyesight and others.

What is the cure for lethargy and lack of focus?

First, the patient must eat well and exercise as much as possible, and also check some tests such as vitamin D, as well as the thyroid stimulating hormone and examine the blood picture and present it to the appropriate doctor.

Is the Voltaren injection harmful to the kidneys?

Of course, the frequent use of analgesics affects many organs in the body, such as the digestive system. It can cause stomach or duodenal ulcers, and also affects the respiratory system, and in the long run, it may affect the kidneys.

What are the services of a psychiatric clinic?

Your child has been diagnosed with autism or environmental deprivation, and has done a lot and can’t find anyone to deal with right. Except for a lot of time and no communication, attention, awareness or focus The child has a lot of stereotyped movements or has hyperactivity and is unable to control it.

The child has many sensory problems and can’t find a place where you can do sensory assessment or sensory activities and treat the child’s deficiency You cannot make a comprehensive program that addresses all these shortcomings

Our center provides many services for people with special needs, including children with autism, by offering them: In which we present:

  • Conversational sessions.
  • Behavior modification.
  • ? Skills development.
  • Sensory integration.
  • ? Hand activities.
  • Pre-writing skills.
  • Pre-academic skills.

When do I know that my child is late in speech?

“Very important” needs, keep your child in mind

  • A child if he doesn’t have voices until the age of “”years”” like “Beep, mmmm, swear Papa Mama.. this is the beginning of a linguistic delay..
  • If the child still has “a year and a half” and does not speak “10 words” “at least like” “Papa.. Mama.. Tetteh.. Ambo.. Banana.. We have already entered a linguistic delay.”
  • The child has “”two years””” and does not speak small sentences like “”Eat mm”..””Drink embo””.””Play ball”””It remains like this I am late in speaking clearly…..and from here it is important and you must communicate with a “”speech specialist”” who diagnoses a child, assesses his condition and works with him….
  • The guardian is by nature biased towards his son, so if the specialist told you he has a problem or a soul, reveal to the child, please, listen to his words, you will not lose anything if you are reassured about your child..The child, as he grows up, increases the tasks or needs that are supposed to He knows it and does it, and therefore every delay is calculated on the child and he will load it…

Important note for the child, everyone is in early intervention, so the result will be faster and better

I want to know if I have sugar or not

The answer is that we make fasting sugar after 6 hours of fasting or glucose hemoglobin. We inform the patient of the result.

What is my blood percentage?

We take a blood picture of the patient and tell him the value of hemoglobin.

How do we maintain the integrity of eyesight?

Here are tips to keep your eyes healthy: 1- Protect your eyes from UV rays 2- Avoid smoking 3- Carry out regular check-ups 4- Commitment to exercise and eating a healthy diet.

What are the main causes of visual impairment?

The following are the main causes of visual impairment globally: 1- Uncorrected refractive errors 2- Cataracts or cataracts 3- Age-related macular degeneration 4- glaucoma or glaucoma 5- Diabetic retinopathy 6- Corneal opacity 7- Trachoma There is great variation in the causes of vision impairment between and within countries according to the availability and affordability of eye health care services, and the population’s knowledge of eye health care.”

Why, Doctor, did the child not have a fever even though he was given a fever reducer for more than a day?

Persistent rise in temperature despite the use of heatsink It is due to a bacterial infection and the necessary tests must be done.

Why is my child’s cough accompanied by wheezing?

Cough or cough accompanied by wheezing or wheezing, which is the beginning of allergic symptoms in the airways and has developed into asthma, especially if there is a history of illness in the family.

Why get sensitivity in the teeth after bleaching?

The reason for the expansion of the dentin and the entry of bleaching substance inside it, and this leads to sensitivity for a certain period that extends for two weeks and goes, during which it is recommended not to smoke, drink coffee and eat colored food until the expansion decreases

How many sessions do we need?

According to the service provided

Why is a rubber seal used to treat a nerve?

The rubber seal is important for treating the nerve because it isolates the tooth from the rest of the mouth and saliva to be sterilized in an ideal way and to ensure that there are no bacteria inside the tooth.

How much is the service price?

According to the service provided